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In network installation services the most important and maybe the primary level is in connecting the cables.  It should be noted with much concern that if the work is not done well, then the overall performance of the whole system will be negatively affected.  Consequently if the connection is done in a good way, then the overall performance of the whole system is good and optimum productivity of the whole system is reached.  This can only be seen when the whole process is done keenly and with the utmost care to avoid any damage or short-circuit.


To choose the most appropriate sc communication cable then it is important to understand the most commonly used cables which in this case are the twisted pair and the Ethernet. Ethernet has been used over a span of time and with time it as evolved a lot.  To do connections from in and out of the routers the Ethernet connection is the most widely used. Connections to the router from the modem are and to other many computers from the router are through this regard.  Different connections may be made depending on the size of connection that is to be present. Workstations can also be connected through cables to a permanently fixed panel on the wall. The connection of the panel to the computers is through the cables.


To get such connections, patch cabling is used This is where a single cable network is used to connect a modem and router, and from the router, it is connected to the computer through the connected wall of Ethernet connection.  Ethernet connection being the most used connection it is mostly done in the office and the home local area networks. Because the connection is tangible then the connections done by these systems are cheap and quite cost effective. For Ethernet cables a standard connector is provided, the RJ-45 is the modular connector.  Read to know more about cable connectors.


The main challenge being faced by the user will determine the connector at that he will use.  Varying speeds can be attained depending on how the connector was manufactured and how it is configured. Depending on the type of job that the connector is going to do and the kind of cable to be used then it should be wisely selected.  The commonly used cables are the three, namely the twisted pair cable, the coaxial and the fiber optics.  Cable termination for the above three cables is different for all of them, and at the same time the connectors used for the cables will be different for each.


For example in the current industry standards, the Cat5 is being replaced by the Cat5e.  With the four twisted pairs, a speed of up to 100MBPS is realized.  If it uses all the four pairs it can be able to support 1000MBPS.