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Selecting The Best Cable For Computer Networks


Computer network cables are found in the market in different designs and types.  One can find these cables on the market in various forms since there are many companies concern with productions.  Being of many kinds, they will be in varied situations and with mixed effectiveness.  Before you buy any cable in the market, you should check if it is compatible with other computer devices.  With all these in mind, the task of selecting the best computer cable for connectivity isn't simple and should be taken seriously.  There can be issues in data transmissions that result from a wrongly selected cable and this leads to crosstalk, slow speed, loss of signals, and signal alterations.  To make the best out of computer connectivity, it will be the best to select a cable that is compatible with your devices and also put in place switches and appropriate hubs.  study the categories given below and make your selection.


Unshielded network cables that are also called Twisted Pair cables.  The OB One Communications cable is not covered and consists of 8 coper wires with a gauge of 22- 24.  The cables are twisted to give four pairs hence called Twisted Pair cable.  Given the twisting, the cable will not have any electromagnetic interference.  This category of cables is not expensive, and the speed of connectivity goes up to 1000 Mbps.  This kind of cables are commonly used by many internet users.


The unshielded cable can be modified to give another category call shielded network cable.  The pairs are wrapped with a metallic foil and a metallic braid use to wrap the whole cable.  The covering of the wires twice is done to ensure that digital signal transfer is secured and not exposed to various dangers that may include interference of electromagnetic radiations.  The use of this cable removes the issues of crosstalk.  It gives a network engineer a chance to fix it with RJ connector or STP connector and when installed carefully to safeguard the metallic shields, the cable will effectively work.


Crossover cables are another category where hubs, switches, and routers are not needed to be installed.  The switch at the end of the crossover cables has two wires, green and orange.  This category of network cables is very significant for connecting two PCs. For more info about cable connectors, visit


Stranded cable is another category where large number of thin copper wires are covered together.  In environments where plugging, unplugging and installation are often done, this category of cables is preferred.  The signal transmissions with stranded cables never get interfered with or lost.


Solid cables use thick copper compared with the other cables and hence suitable for structured wiring.  The use of this cable can fit installation displacement conductors.


Do not rash to make your purchase but understand first your devices and the environment at